Protect Your Data YOUR Way!

Multiple Offsite Data Protection Options Available


Using our client software, encrypt and stream your data direct from your computers to our Data Center.


Install a zero1 Backup Appliance in your facility and backup at LAN speeds while it replicates itself to the ZERO1 Data Center.


Still prefer tape? Store your media in our vault, provide us with your rotation schedule, and we’ll store and rotate your tapes automatically!

We’ve been HERE for you. Since 1988.

Choose a Local Company that you have Trusted for Almost 30 years!

ZERO1 Data Protection is not a start up company…. We are a subsidiary of Chicago Records Management, Inc. – a data management company started back in 1988.

ZERO1 is also more than a website. We have multiple physical locations, including a large warehouse containing a fire rated tape vault, a fleet of delivery vans to support your tape rotations, a presence in a major Tier III+ Data Center in Oakbrook, IL, and local staff to support all of it.

The focus of ZERO1 is to provide local service and support to Chicagoland organizations. When you need assistance, you will talk to people living in your area in your timezone – not an offshore call center.

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

You would if you were using ZERO1…